Let the Local Interests of Fredericton NB Draw You In

Fredericton is one of the most favoured destinations in "The Best Places Across Canada and the USA" and is described as an outstanding "Retire in Style" option. It has a history that starts well before the European settlement of the St. John River Valley and was inhabited by Mic Mac and Maliseet Indians.

Fredericton lacked the 10,000 residents required for city status but despite the shortage was incorporated as a city in 1848. A visit to Fredericton quickly reveals why it remained one of the most favoured destinations in Canada. The city has evolved into a moderately affluent sophisticated city home to 48,000 residents and there are 82,00 residents in urban areas around it that benefits immensely from the city's status as the educational, cultural and administrative capital of New Brunswick. The municipal and provincial governments, several colleges and universities and the large medical centre offer good-paying jobs that attract a progressive, environmentally and culturally sensitive and well-educated population to the area. Collectively they keep Fredericton the liveable and beautiful place that it is today.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Landscape

Located at a lovely site astride the St. John River, Fredericton is about 100 kilometres inland from the popular Bay of Fundy. The Fredericton downtown occupies a flat surface close to the river banks while the residential areas slope upwards along the edge of the valley. The city parks, university campuses, and residential roads are wooded with Pine and Maple as well as other Acadian Forest species. June throughout September lovely flower gardens are popular in residential areas.

Fredericton, Climate

The city has four distinct seasons and a fairly severe humid continental climate, summers are warm and sunny in Fredericton, whereas winters are alternating humid and dry periods and are cold. Rainfall is ample in all of its seasons and in winter heavy snow falling can be expected. On average the city is sunny for about 50 percent of the time, this varies to 60 percent in summer and 40 percent in winter. The 120 days of frost-free periods offer ample time for growing flowers, vegetables, potatoes and apples.

Quality of Life in Fredericton

Even though there is an airport nearby the air is clean in Fredericton that offers a superb quality of life. Vehicles more quietly along the city streets and there are no freeways allowing residents to drive across the city in a short time period and parking is always available. The city has many tree-lined neighbourhoods, amazing attractions and boasts several amazing riverside trials and stunning parks. It is a thriving city and people are welcoming and genuinely friendly.

Fredericton Cost of Living

In evaluating the cost of living in the city we look at composite, taxes, goods and services, and housing. At the time of writing the ACCRA data were unavailable although it is safe to estimate that the overall cost is about 30 percent below the American and 10 percent below the Canadian average.

The city has a great supply of houses and other housing priced incredibly low according to American and Canadian standards. The upscale south side houses are priced higher than the houses north of the river. Services and good are priced slightly above the Canadian norms although around 2- percent lower the US averages, and medical expenses are inexpensive.

Taxes are about 35 percent higher than the US norm and a little above the average of Canada, provincial and federal taxes are a bit higher, although the high rates are balanced via the low property taxes.

Transportation in Fredericton

Good intercity and intracity transportation are available while the Fredericton Transit offers service to shopping centres, malls, schools, hospitals, universities, clinics, hospitals, recreational sites, and parks. Annual passes are available to seniors at a reasonable price, and a dial-a-ride is also operational in the city. Service to the Greater Fredericton Airport is offered by four carriers, and several nonstop flights are available every day to Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Charlottetown as well as an array of other destinations. Residents can also travel via Acadian Lines intercity bus services throughout Canada.

Fredericton, New Brunswick Retail Services

It is a vital retailing centre featuring well over 120 shops including bookstores, drug stores, other essential services and grocery markets. The Regent Mall is in the southern periphery of the city and offers over 115 stores while the Empire complex offers 10 cinema theatres. The food court offers a buffet of delicacies and restaurants serves up Japanese, and Chinese specialities while choices include pizza, doughnuts and fish and chips.

Health Care in Fredericton

Excellent medical care is offered by the River Valley Health centre and modern acute care is offered by the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital offering care given by 150 physicians and a staff of 2,000 staff. The facility offers 24-hour care and departments include reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics, oncology, general surgery, medicine and respiratory theories.

Fredericton nb/New Brunswick Culture

In Fredericton, the visual arts and performing scene are vibrant, and the Playhouse is one of the premier venues for performances. The city is also the province's leading symphony theatre company, and onstage productions include dance, music and other productions by touring talents. Noon-hour concerts are offered during summer months at the outdoor Christ Church Cathedral, and Fredericton is known for its array of festivals such as the Blues and Harvest Jazz.

Why Live Here in Fredericton

Apart from the many local interests, many residents enjoy the wide variety of outdoor sports offered in Fredericton. The city is safe and has an average crime rate for Canada, violent crimes are around 5 percent below the norm, and zero homicides are reported. Basically, Fredericton is an undiscovered gem that is perfect for all ages. Its strongest assets are its pollution-free landscapes, inexpensive medical care and excellent quality of life.