Best Attractions in Fredericton - Casino, Garrison, Parks & More

Fredericton offers a beautiful small-town ambience, and its wealth of attractions makes it the ideal place to live and one of the most favoured for tourist. The city charms with riverside walking trails as it is situated next to the St. Johns River, its compact downtown features heritage buildings and the city's active cultural scene, museums, and busy cafes are a great draw for visitors.

The city crew significantly from when it was founded in 1732 by French-speaking immigrants and prospered from the settlement of American loyalists from around 1768 onwards. The most visited Fredericton attractions include the Garrison District, Legislative Assembly Building, Christ Church Cathedral, St John River, Fredericton City Hall, Mactaquac Provincial Park, University of New Brunswick, Playhouse, Gagetown and Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Fredericton Activities

The city offers a charming combination of activities and both residents and visitors have plenty of fantastic attractions to enjoy. One of the first attractions that most visit is the Garrisons district, featuring the two-block tract between the river and Queen Street where British garrisons were stationed between 1784 and 1869. Many of the buildings in the district date back to that time-period and today it is a hub for festivals and museums. Activities available in the Garrison District includes historical walking tours from the military compound favoured during the summer months, while the Fredericton Museum is an extension of the quarters of the officers offering an overview of the history of the area. The changing of the guard is a popular attraction, and costumed interpreters are often seen on site to complement the guard changing ceremony. The district is also home to the New Brunswick College of Design and Art as well as the NB Sports Hall of Fame.

Legislative Assembly Building in Fredericton

One of the must-see Fredericton activities is the Legislative Assembly Building, since 1882 a symbol of democracy when it replaced the fire destroyed the building. The building is breath-taking and offers tourists the opportunity to admire portraits by Joshua Reynolds of Queen Charlotte and King George III. A full set of copperplate engravings from Haitian-born artist John Audubon can be seen part of the famous Birds of America collection.

Fredericton's Christ Church Cathedral

The Anglican church is an incredibly elegant building built in the mid-nineteenth century in Neo-Gothic style. It is one of the main Fredericton points of interest and its wooden interior and stained glass are true works of art. The gravestone of the first Fredericton Anglican Bishop dawns huge attention while the cathedral offers a presentational series bringing together a mix of tango and opera genres.

Power-Generating Mactaquac Dam & Provincial Park

The Mactaquac Dam changed the area and now hosts a provincial park area of 1,300 acre, freshwater beaches, and an 18-hole golf course. About 14 kilometres from the dam the Kings Landing Historical Settlement is yet another result of the raised levels of the river. The dam was built when the heritage building was mover to Prince William due to floods, and the nineteenth-century settlement is recreated by costumed interpreters.

University of New Brunswick

Built in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is the third oldest Canadian University. Built on the southwest hill of the St. John River it offers an excellent vies and the library is home to collections of first editions and provincial archives as well as works by H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, and V. Bennett.

Top 3 New Brunswick Attractions

There are many exciting attractions to see while visiting or living in New Brunswick. Many offer an insight into the past, present and future of what this diverse city has to offer, but there are three that really stand out. Each offers its own unique value, whether it be the Bay of Fundy, the Garrison District, or for those wanting a night on the town, Casino New Brunswick.

Bay Of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy has received the designation of being one the North America's seven wonders. The bay is located between the North Pole and the equator and is known as a coastal environment that is unique in many ways. Whether that is the tides that are produced, or the marine life and dinosaur fossils, the Bay of Fundy is one not to miss.

Casino New Brunswick

Casino New Brunswick is part of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, a Canadian owned company that operates world-class gaming entertainment facilities across Canada. As a gaming establishment in New Brunswick, the casino is a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts, both local and those visiting the city.

The casino features a wide range of slots, table games, poker and tournaments that are ideal for a night on the town. Whether wishing to see one of their many top act concerts, professional comedians, or one of the multiple pub events, eat at one of their award-winning restaurants, Casino New Brunswick is the place to be.

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Garrison District

The Garrison District is another prime destination to add to your list of places to visit. Home to many of New Brunswick's most recognised historical sites, it features a rich cultural history and is located in the heart of Downtown New Brunswick. The district is known for its Harvest Jazz and Blues festival, and is close to Casino New Brunswick., ACL

Recreational Fredericton Activities

Apart from the fantastic line-up of Fredericton attractions available to residents and visitors the town also offers several outdoor sports. Trails include 16 kilometres of forested areas, and in winter the duck pond transforms into an ice rink for ice skaters. Runners, walkers, and cyclist can also enjoy seventy kilometres of trails that are flat and assessable for wheelchairs crossing past golf courses. During summer, water sports are popular, and boating facilities include the Fredericton Yacht Club and the Regent Street Wharf while canoes can be rented as well as kayaks.

Art Galleries, Bars, and International Cuisine

The Lunar Rogue Pub was named the world's greatest whiskey bar and offers a collection of over 500 different whiskeys. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery was Lord Beaverbrook's gift to the town, and currently, it is home to an extraordinary collection of art by international artists such as Emily Carr, Freud, Dali, and Cornelius Kreighoff.

A visit to the Ten Resto is a must and while the menu changes ten times a year seating is offered at 10 tables, and a choice of 10 dishes is available per sitting. Owner Keith, a world traveller, turned chef was previously a criminal lawyer and loves meeting first-time visitors.

Fredericton Markets

The list of things to do starts in the heart of the city and the list of markets to visit seems endless and includes the Fredericton Boyce Farmers market, the Garrisons Night Market, The Cultural Market, and the Kinsmen Northside Flea Market.

Outdoor Fredericton activities include Mini Golf at Carman Creek, Kingswood Golf, Mactaquac Golf, Carman Creek Golf, John's Village Toobing tubing, as well as skateboarding at the Kimble Road Park, and racing at the Speedway 660.

Evening entertainment includes dancing at the Boom Nightclub offering a high energy atmosphere for anyone that has enjoyed a day filled with a diverse selection of outdoor activities. Fredericton also offers several top casino destinations for that late evening coffee or liquor on the way home, unless visitors wish to enjoy one of the haunted hikes offering spine-tingling tales during a walking tour of guided by lantern lights, while the under the star's films are another favoured choice during the warm summer evenings. Fredericton also offers several top casino destinations, and hundreds of slots can be enjoyed at six casinos in the area. The casino with the largest gaming space is the New Brunswick casino, while the Grey Rock Casino is the largest.

No matter what visitors or residents prefer, Fredericton is a city of diverse activities, attractions and no matter the weather there is always some activity worth getting excited about.