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Riverside beauty, tree-lined streets, world-class institutions and the cosy feel is what realtor, Frankie Gillespie, holds most dear about Fredericton. New Brunswick's Capital is a dream location, beautified by countless historic sites, riverfront trails and a realtor's dream as Victorian-era homes are favoured by many a home seeker.

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Fredericton, is a hugely favoured relocation destination loved for its countless historic sites, restaurants serving both international and local cuisines, three universities and museums. Visitors attracted by the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival are pleasantly surprised by the 90 km riverside trails, the option to explore the Saint John River by canoe or kayak and for the enthusiasts of craft beer the town boasts the highest concentration of tasting experiences and craft breweries in the Maritimes. Fredericton's entertainment options also include the Fredericton Raceway casino and horse racing as well as the St. Mary Entertainment Centre featuring casino and poker.

Top 3 New Brunswick Attractions

There are many exciting attractions to see while visiting or living in New Brunswick. Many offer an insight into the past, present and future of what this diverse city has to offer, but there are three that really stand out. Each offers its own unique value, whether it be the Bay of Fundy, the Garrison District, or for those wanting a night on the town, Casino New Brunswick.

Bay Of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy has received the designation of being one of North America's seven wonders. The bay is located between the North Pole and the equator and is known as a coastal environment that is unique in many ways. Whether that is the tides that are produced, or the marine life and dinosaur fossils, the Bay of Fundy is one not to miss.

Casino New Brunswick

Casino New Brunswick, part of the Atlantic Lotto Corp, is a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts, both local and those visiting the city. The casino features a wide range of slots, table games, poker and tournaments that are ideal for a night on the town. Whether wishing to see one of their many top act concerts, professional comedians, or one of the multiple pub events, eat at one of their award-winning restaurants, Casino New Brunswick is the place to be.

Garrison District

The Garrison District is another prime destination to add to your list of places to visit. Home to many of New Brunswick's most recognised historical sites, it features a rich cultural history and is located in the heart of Downtown New Brunswick. The district is known for its Harvest Jazz and Blues festival, and is close to Casino New Brunswick., ACL

Fredericton NB MLS Listings

Your superstar agent for New Brunswick Real Estate welcomes hundreds of new families and MLS listings include some of the most famous mansions in Fredericton to cosy apartments. Gillespie has built a reputation for finding exactly what buyers need and have set himself apart by virtue of superior performance and mastering the art of identifying what every buyer wants. His quality and skills include integrity, honesty, years of knowledge of the purchase process, extensive knowledge of the real estate market and intense responsiveness. Fredericton is by virtue the capital of the New Brunswick, Canadian province where the provincial parliament sits. It is also an important artistic, cultural, and educational centre and it is home to multiple institutions designed towards increasing the city's cultural institutions. This includes the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, The Playhouse-a performing arts venue and the York Sunbury Museum. The city attracts international and regional blues, rock, and blues artist by hosting yearly Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, while it is known for its record label Forward Music Group. Fredericton NB. is renowned for its economy is intricately tied to the prosperities of the public sector; the city has a growing commercial and IT sector and a high percentage of people with a post-secondary education, as well as one of the highest incomes per capita.

New Brunswick Real Estate

Fredericton has plenty to offer in MLS commercial properties, condos, townhouses and family homes, and features a blend of historic Victorian and Georgian architecture and modern developments. The town is home to Canada's fourth most educated population and features seven post-secondary institutions. It's the perfect destination for relocations, investment and visits while immigrants are welcomed by the labour driven force. The town is known for its most convenient North American time zones, enabling businesses to interconnect in real time with South America, Eastern Africa, and Europe during business hours. Currently, the population in Fredericton is 58,220 enjoying the city incused with activities such as fishing and biking, while the Historic Garrison District offers excellent exploring. Its location provides access to outstanding nearby cities such as Saint John with a population of 67,575 only 110 km away, Cape Brenton, with a 98,722 population 186 km away and Halifax populated by 403,131 people 436 km away.